Coronavirus Car Insurance Refunds

Have you been driving less due to the stay-at-home orders during the COVID-19 pandemic? You’re not alone. Studies have shown that driving was down 50 percent in March and April as businesses closed and employees switched to remote work. With fewer cars on the road, there are fewer accidents to cover, and therefore, not as many claim payments to make.

Thanks to that steep drop in driving time, many car insurance companies are offering cheaper insurance in Tampa, FL by providing rebates and discounts to their customers during the pandemic. If you get your insurance through one of them, you may be eligible for some extra cash. It’s also worth calling your insurer to see if there are other breaks offered, such as delayed payments, cutting late fees and more.

Companies offering coronavirus refunds

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  • 21st Century: 21st Century gave back 25 percent for April and May, and 15 percent for June. You should have gotten your refund via check in May or June.
  • Allstate: Allstate is giving 15 percent back for April, May and June premiums, which should come back however you pay your bills (check, credit card, direct deposit).
  • Progressive: Progressive refunded 20 percent of premiums via credits for April and May in all states except New York, which received its refunds for May and June. Any plans that were already paid up received credits instead.
  • Geico: Geico isn’t offering refunds, but they are giving auto and motorcycle customers a 15 percent discount on their entire policy when they renew or buy a new plan. Policies are usually six- or 12-month terms, and must be renewed between April 8 and October 7, 2020.
  • State Farm: State Farm is refunding around 25 percent to customers for the premiums they paid between March and May. They suggest that this should work out to around $20 per car, per month. They’re also reducing rates in each state—around 11 percent on average.
  • Nationwide: Nationwide offered a $50 per policy refund for anyone with an active policy on March 31, 2020. Note that this is per policy, not “per car on the policy.”
  • Farmers: Farmers issued a 25 percent April premium refund and a 15 percent May premium refund, except for New York drivers—they got one 40 percent premium refund on May 7.
  • Liberty Mutual: If you had a policy on April 7, 2020, Liberty Mutual and Safeco gave 15 percent back on two months’ worth of car payments, paid out by May 20. The amount was either sent via check or direct deposit.

These aren’t the only insurers giving refunds, so if yours isn’t listed above, call your insurer to find out what they may be offering. Note that in the cases above, all refunds were automatic—you should have already received yours. If not, inquire with your insurer.

When you need cheap insurance in Tampa, FL, Cheap Car Insurance Guru can help. Contact us today to find a plan that works for you.