We’ll find them coverage

Teen drivers have an unfortunate strike against them when it comes to affordable auto insurance. They’re new drivers who are considered high-risk, which means their policy premiums tend to be sky high automatically. At Cheap Car Insurance Guru, we don’t think that’s fair! It’s why we provide cheap car insurance quotes to teen drivers in Tampa, FL. We don’t believe the lack of driving history should count against you!

We work with teens and their parents to find coverage that meets their needs, with premiums that are low and affordable. For many teens, it’s their first real financial responsibility—we want to make it a manageable one.

Obstacles for Teen Drivers

Why is it so hard for teen drivers to get affordable car insurance? Large insurers have a laundry list of reasons for sticking new drivers with high premiums and stringent policy terms:

  • Lack of driving history or driving experience
  • Higher risk of reckless behavior
  • Lack of gainful employment or low earning potential
  • Driving older vehicles or vehicles they don’t own

Teen drivers just can’t win with larger insurers! It’s why we give teen drivers the benefit of the doubt and don’t punish them for their situation. Instead, we offer affordable insurance so teen drivers can establish themselves as responsible drivers.

Great Rates for Teens

We scour the marketplace for affordable auto insurance, to bring teen drivers and their parents the very best possible rates. We’ve helped new drivers throughout Tampa, FL get the coverage they need behind the wheel, while giving them the means to pay their own way. Whether you’ve just passed your driving test or are the parent of a teen that’s going to be asking for the car, we’ve got you covered.

Protect Your Teen Driver

Contact Cheap Car Insurance Guru today to get cheap car insurance quotes for teen drivers and let us introduce you to affordable policies you won’t find with larger insurers. Contact us directly at 614-954-1197 to get a quote or fill out our instant quote form for a live look at a quote that’s right for your teen driver.