More than auto insurance

Cheap Car Insurance Guru specializes in auto insurance, but that’s not the only way we serve our Tampa, FL customers. We have access to affordable policies for a broad range of coverage options, including life, home, rental, boat and other vehicles. We diligently source the best possible insurance for our customers, focusing on maintaining your budget with low premiums. The result is insurance that gives you peace of mind, without the financial burden. Outside Tampa, if you’re looking for the Cheapest Car Insurance in Florida, White Chip Insurance is also a great option.

Bad Credit? Accident History? New Driver?

Finding low cost car insurance if you have a history of accidents or bad credit can be difficult. For new drivers and teens, affordable insurance can seem impossible. But it’s not! While larger insurers may be more reluctant to offer reduced premiums to people without a pristine driving record, it doesn’t mean these policies aren’t out there, waiting to be found! Our experts find them and bring them to you, so you can get the insurance you need, regardless of your driving record.

We’ll Help You Get Insured

Our experience helping drivers find cheap insurance quotes means we’re also able to help you find affordable insurance for the other things in your life that matter. Some of the many other types of affordable insurance we offer Tampa, FL residents include:

  • Life: Get term and whole life insurance coverage without crippling premiums.
  • Home: Protect your home and your property from the unexpected and uncertain.
  • Boat: Keep your investment safe out on the water with the right boating policy.
  • Rental: Even if you don’t own your home, renters’ insurance protects your property
  • Vehicles: Turn to us for car, motorcycle, TV and other automotive insurance.

Keeping Insurance Affordable for Everyone

Need a quote on cheap insurance? Cheap Car Insurance Guru can help you explore options for auto, home life, rental and much more. Contact us directly at 614-954-1197 to learn more or fill out our instant quote form to get a snapshot quote on affordable insurance.